AGV audit s.r.o. provides comprehensive services in the fields of accounting and payroll processing. In providing these services, emphasis is placed on expert knowledge, years of experience and practice, continuous education and monitoring of legal regulations.

Single-entry book-keeping

Double-entry book-keeping

Checking the formal and factual correctness of accounting documents from both accounting and fiscal points of view

Keeping records of fixed tangible and intangible assets

Processing of monthly financial statements and the relevant tax returns, especially for VAT

Performing documentary inventorization of main ledger accounts as at 31st Dec. in the relevant year

Preparation of corporate tax returns for legal entities for the relevant year

Preparation of closing accounts and financial statements for the fiscal year, i.e. preparation of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash-flow Statement, as well as the Notes to the financial statements

Preparation of returns for the Office of Statistics SR, the National Bank of Slovakia, and other institutions

Payroll processing, including calculation and processing of health, social and unemployment insurance deductions

Preparation of the necessary returns associated with payroll management